New Candidate in West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District Election

Shawn Cosner officially a write-in Candidate for 1st Congressional District of West Virginia this November

Jennifer Cosner
Campaign Manager

Bruceton Mills, WV– Shawn Cosner is announcing his candidacy for United States Congress as a write-in candidate for West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District in 2020.

With an unwavering commitment to his Country and the Rule of Law, his military service, work experience and his education achievements will serve West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District well.  His love for West Virginia is as deep as his connection to her.

Cosner’s family has always answered the call to service, putting duty, community and country above all else.  From West Virginia coal miners, West Virginia teachers to West Virginia soldiers, and every job between, his life is never absent of amazing West Virginia role models. 

Candidate Shawn Cosner cites the current state of affairs in America and West Virginia as his motivations to run for office. According to Cosner, “Voters must demand a new standard of leadership, one that includes decency and competency”

“I am not passing blame nor am I criticizing those in office; however, we can do better.” “Why are people encouraging more divisiveness instead of preventing it?” 

“I see leaders in politics, the media, and the entertainment world making things worse.”  “I am afraid to watch the news because of the pure ignorance and hate all sides continue to spread about one another.”

Cosner is encouraged by the behavior and the mutual respect given to others by West Virginians. He believes the State always leads by example.

“West Virginia represents more than ourselves, we are not a political party, we are Mountaineers; a place you can be free.” “Our history with the Civil War, the coal mines, and the grit of those in Appalachia can be lessons for the rest of the Country.”

Candidate Cosner has been outspoken on the need to protect the Rule of Law and hold those accountable when it is required.  “We should never generalize or make assumptions when we have enough facts to get to the truth.”  “Legitimacy of our system must not be attacked nor corrupted.”

“Legitimacy of our system must not be attacked nor corrupted.”

Shawn Paul Cosner
Photos by Tyler J Maxwell of Lost Trail Studio all rights reserved.

More information about Cosner and his campaign will be forthcoming.  This includes biographical information about the Candidate, history of his family, as well as his position on many other important issues affecting, not only West Virginia, but the Nation as well.

Contributions for Cosner for Congress are being accepted at For those who wish to contribute with checks, the address, procedure, and rules governing such contributions can be found by visiting the above provided link.


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